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================================================================== Building of the "Sanctuary of Truth" started in the Buddhist year 2523, (calendar year of 1981). Situated at "Crescent Moon Beach" in an area of 200 acres of natural beauty, in the Bay of Naklua, Thailand. ==================================================================

The Sanctuary of Truth itself covers some 2 acres, sitting neatly in a small bay, facing the sea on two sides, protected by a sturdy sea wall. It stands majestically reaching a height of 105 meters. Built entirely of the hardest of wood, supplied by neighboring countries, Malaysia, Laos. The wood is not protected from the elements, only against termites, not only is the wood hard but also extremely heavy, the Sanctuary of Truth, carved and created by over 200 Thai craftsmen. The Sanctuary is represented and brought together by the cultures of four countries Thailand - - Cambodia - - China - - India. Woodcarvings portray stories from great epics, wood sculptures representing the gods of the planets, and celestial bodies, along with Chinese supernatural beings. People cannot be born and exist without seven creators, "The Sanctuary of Truth” presents seven creators through carved wood sculptures which adorn it’s interior, they are -- HEAVEN - - EARTH - - FATHER - - MOTHER- - MOON - - SUN- - and STARS. On top of the four spires of the Sanctuary, the four elements that will lead to the ideal world according to eastern philosophy are presented. Also carved works showing that the world is composed of the four great elements (Mahabhutas) EARTH - - WATER - - WIND - - FIRE. ================================================================== This is a Sanctuary were people can gather to recognize the seven creators and the four elements that will lead to the ideal world whether for each individually or for the whole world. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------