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ORAWANS ORCHIDS "FLOATING on CANVAS" in Thailand 2010 by brianc.

NEW "Khun Orawans Thailand Orchids" A new digital "Floating on Canvas" glimpse of Orawans simple collection of Orchids.grown on the front patio of our home in Thailand. Just an area covering about 16 sq meters, and this has to accommodate the dinning area They are grown in many different ways, some in ornamental clay bowls & pots, others suspended in open wooden workbaskets, "hanging rafts of cork or oak bark" or even any old drift wood or logs found on the beach.

Now Orawans Orchids are digitally transformed on to canvas by brianc , to give you "FLOATING on CANVAS" & "OUT of BOUNDS". = = = This is Khun Orawans "World of Orchids".A delight to everyone under the Orchids Spell.