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Miss Hitty Sevashteen at Home

My name is Hitty Lotzalove Sevashteen. I live with Andrew but I require privacy and my own space. After years of camping out on various surfaces I put my foot down (well, feet; they move as one) and demanded a home of my own.

I now reside in a crate that hangs on the wall. Finding furnishings of the proper size has not always been an easy task, as I am too large for most ordinary doll house miniatures. Sometimes I have had to get creative. Many of my possessions are souvenirs of the travels described in other albums.

My home is a jumble of gifts and souvenirs, of store-bought and home-crafted, and of old and new. Kindly note that I may sometimes use the word "antique" a tad poetically.

The overall effect pleases me well, and I am now one crate-proud doll. Would you care for a tour? Let's begin...

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