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Bonkers About Bécassine!

My name is Hitty Lotzalove Sevashteen. I live with Andrew, who is a collector of many things. He is particularly enthusiastic about collecting Bécassine, the classic French comic character.

Well, in the spirit of "anything you can do, I can do better," I have decided to amass a Bécassine collection of my own. I leave it to you to judge of which of us has the better stuff.

In any case, there is no question as to who has the superior wardrobe! Ruth Brown made my Becassine costume. Kay DeMattei made my ensemble with the red-work apron, and also made my Becassine-print dress (I provided the print).

About my doll friends: Becassine was carved and attired by Judy Brown, Buddy by TC Vollum. My little knit doll was created by Tree.

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