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Quinn and Colin by Sonya Giddens

I had long admired Sonya's work on the mandolls long before I was able to acquire one. I remember seeing a Russell repaint that she listed on ebay named Drakkar (which I missed out on, LOL) and was determined that someday I would have one of her Russells. I lucked out and happened to be on the boards one day when she posted she would take a couple of commission slots on Russell, and Quinn was born. Quinn is married to Esme in my world and they have 2 children. Additional pics of Quinn can be found in both the repainted couples albums as well as the Riley and friends family albums.

I remember when Sonya first posted pics of Colin to the boards. He was a doll in her own collection and I was SO envious. Every time she posted him I gushed over how much I loved him and eventually when he decided to relocate I was lucky enough to be able to have him come and live with me. I am so grateful to Sonya for letting him come to Ohio. He will be forever treasured in my collection!! He is such a handsome of my very favorites out of all the dolls I own! THanks Sonya!!!