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Clark by JACS

I have always wanted a doll that looked like Clark Gable did in GWTW (as I am a HUGE GWTW nut, LOL!) I was disappointed in the Franklin Mint's Rhett as I thought he looked way too old, more like Grandpa Rhett. I was also disappointed in the prototype of Tonner's Rhett when he was revealed...........his face seems too thin, and he looks too old as well, IMHO.

I decided if I really wanted a good Gable likeness I was going to have to go the repaint route, so I contacted Jenny Sutherland at JACS and asked her if she would be interested in recreating him for me. I have always been been a huge fan of Jenny's work, her mandolls in particular! Jenny took on the challenge and did a FANTASTIC job, IMHO. Believe it or not, he was originally Tonner's Captain Jack. I couldn't be more pleased with him!! You will find other photos of him pictured with Scarlett in the appropriate GWTW albums here.