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One Man's Neil Armstrong Autograph Collection

NEIL A. ARMSTRONG, 1930-2012: ONE OF AMERICA'S GREATEST HEROES....... Since I started collecting space and astronaut autographs way back in 1972, I've managed to acquire 20 Neil Armstrong autographs (all displayed here). Only 4 of the 20 came directly from Armstrong via my mail-in requests to him after he retired from NASA. The rest resulted from purchases and trades. Unfortunately, like most collectors, I acquired a few Armstrong forgeries, but since disposed of. These came from several sources, including an auction in the 1980's and in the late 1990's, from David Frohman of Peachstate infamy, who specialized in Armstrong and Apollo 11 autographs. The fakes have been cleaned out and I'm confident that all of the 20 Armstrong autographs shown here are authentic.

By some standards, these 20 Neil Armstrong autographs displayed here would be impressive and of special significance, but by other standards, would be considered paltry and second rate. Collectors, accumulators, investors, opportunists and speculators have actively acquired and pursued Armstrong autographs for years, especially since the late 1990's when prices and demand rose. There are those who hold huge amounts of Armstrong autograph material, perhaps waiting for the day when Armstrong passed away and increased the value and demand for their Armstrong merchandise. Sadly, that day has come.....Perhaps my Armstrong autograph presentation here will show that, while Armstrong's autograph was important to me, 20 of his autographs acquired over 40 years indicates that I only acquired the autographs of his I actually needed and didn't pursue them for prideful or monetary reasons. I obtained what I needed, moved on and concentrated on autographs of the other 11 moonwalkers and the 500+ people who have flown in space since 1961.