Sheraton Jerusalem
Marcia and I had wanted to go to Israel for some years. Being Jewish, one had to go!! We left Chicago on October 13, 1997 and arrived in Israel on October 14. The trip started with an interview at the International Terminal by El Al personel. It would be a safe trip, 11 hours, mostly at night. The flight was great. On arriving at Ben Gurion Airport, the Hatikva, the Israeli national anthem, came over the public address system and all of the passengers applauded, both the event of arrival in the Holy Land and the performance of the crew! I am choked up at this very moment just thinking about it! This is a postcard of the hotel in which we were to stay for several nights, is near Ben Yehuda Street and not far from the King David Hotel. This album is a somewhat daunting task as the trip was six years ago and memories have faded. I shall do my best.