Abe Weissman, the fourth child of Sam and Bertha Weissman, was born on February 16, 1913. His father, Sam Weissman, emmigrated from Hungary in 1913. Bertha Weissman followed with her four children just after the end of WWI. This picture of my father always evoked a vision of Marlon Brando. His age and the year of the photo are lost in time. It had to be some years after he married my mother, again in the 1940's.

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Bangkok?? haha not a nice place right now ! hope things get betetr before you move ! I don't twitter but have FB I'll probably be in BKK in Sept so we could meet up for a meal ! btw.. the smog is betetr, at least in CM, no burning tires yet
Jun. 26, 2013  By: CIiIgrsl
More likely the shrub was ponseiod and not by the meters. But, interesting anecdotal data, I'll keep my eyes out for shrubs and bushes next to smart meters. While people don't tend to go out of their way to plant vegetation near meters, or the other way around (after all, the trees would have been in the way of the old-school meter reader) it shouldn't be that hard to look out for trees and shrubs growing near the meters.
Jun. 26, 2013  By: Ey1IfibY1l8
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