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Welcome to the‘Palmers Girls” very own Gallery 4, a digital view of the Girls from the Northeast of Thailand the Palmers Bar, Waitresses, Cashiers, Bar Staff and Cooks. ============================ From Palmers Bar Girls & staff, Thank you Picture Trail very BIG from the girls of north-east Thailand for sharing our photo’s all over the world, we have now had over 43.000 visitors to our album “Palmers Girls Gallery ” it has made us “Dee Jai mak mak” {very warm hearted}, to all our new and old friends everywhere we give Jai dee from the land of smiles. Please enjoy our new album. Chok dee {good luck} Khun Or & Palmers Girls. ============================================

The girls mostly from the poorer Northeast of Thailand, the region of Issan, The Northeast does not figure prominently on anybody’s list of travel destinations in Thailand the conventional traveler in search of the picturesque and the romantic would probably be best advised to miss it and concentrate on the other areas of Thailand also the Northeast generally hotter than other parts. It has been Thailand’s problem area, due to neglect and poverty, and has made life hard for the gentle-natured inhabitants many of them of Lao extraction. Many seek work in Bangkok and other tourist’s areas and most certainly most of the money they earn is sent to their families in the poor villages of the Northeast. ============================================== Traditionally, the Thai woman has been regarded as “the hind legs of the elephant” ==============================================