I LOVE Riverplace Country Club--one of the nicest and most beautiful venues in Austin! Julie and Cliff chose RCC for their very small reception and opted for our smallest 3-tier round cake that serves 100. It's an older design call the "Bride's Design" that has lots of scroll and lace embellishment on one side of each tier,leaving one half of each tier elegantly plain and smooth--a great way to combine the traditional with the contemporary look. Stephanie at Bouquets made this unusual and absolutely smashing topper that included beautiful yellow cymbidium orchids with burgundy throats, orange and purple birds of paradise, dark green leaves and miniature orchids as a filler--about as tropical as you can get. See closeup of topper in FLORAL TOPPERS album below. The cake itself is a French Vanilla with a hint of lemon and almond and with alternating raspberry and bavarian cream fillings. The smaller stacked cakes are $2.50/serving. Lots of folks ask, "How big is a serving?" Well, Wilton (world's biggest cake decorating company) says a serving is the equivalent of a 2" cube of sheetcake. Email us through our website or give us a call as soon as you've booked your venue--512-258-3703. :-)