Last night.
We are about to go to sleep on the last night aboard the Legend of the Seas. Our steward has one last towel art to present to us. I hope that you have enjoyed our cruise. However, this adventure is not yet over. Go on to another day in Barcelona and four days in Paris in the next albums. I hope that there is room for this poem which was written in 1995 for our ship. "The Ballad of "Legend of the Seas" "A legend", said the frail old man, With Eyes that sparkled youth, "A legend never dies my boy" He said and spoke the truth. The little boy held firm his hand, Whilst sitting on his knee, He listened to his grandpa's tales, Of the legends of the seas. He told of tall ships, schooners, barques, Of full-rig of an era gone, The prides of seatrades' past, Some slow, some sailing fast. Some sailing South with cheerful hands, Who kissed the Tradewinds' breath, Some sailed for gold and some for love, Some staked their lives for death. Some sailing north, to icy shores, In fear of ocean's might. Some sailed in calm and in the day, Some only in the night. The old man spoke with rusty voice In handing down his tales. He spoke of yore and brave men's feats, And of the mighty whales. The boy sat still as tales went by, His grandpa safe behind, He caught each tale, each every word, And with a glowing mind. "There was a ship man never saw, Her hull as gray as clay, Come day she vanished with the light, At night she sailed away." "For sail she did; she plied the waves, Perhaps she left the sea? For no man lived to see her sails, The legend of the sea." "Those days are gone" his grandpa said, With longing in his eyes. "We live in modern times today, But a legend never dies". "oh no!, Grandpa, the lad cried out, As he jumped down from his knees; I saw ger berth at dawn today, The Legend of the Seas". Lai Herlofson Aendal, Norway 1995 Sorry that this poem didn't transfer in the form it was written. There are four lines in each paragraph. It reads much better that way.