WELLS & BALISKY 7/7/7, Sugar Beach
Loni Wells and Steve Balisky were United in Marriage on Saturday, July 7, 2007 at Sugar Beach, Kihei, County of Maui, State of Hawai'i; the ceremony was performed by Steve's grandfather Rev. Keith Black; 35mm photography by Patti LeGary of Kihei Maui [THIS PHOTO: LONI WITH HER PARENTS, IN HIDING JUST BEFORE THE CEREMONY BEGAN. STEVE, ALONG WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY, COMPLETELY CLEANED THE BEACH AREA WITH RAKES PRIOR TO THE CEREMONY BEGINNING, IN ORDER TO GET RID OF KEAWE-TREE THORNS AND OTHER DEBRIS, CREATING THE CLEANEST AND NICEST LOOKING BEACH I THINK I'VE EVER SEEN! AWESOME!]

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