Winter Costume by Eileen Stewart
The text describes this outfit as follows: "The woods were full of lovely stuffs for her sewing. Velvety leaves not yet dried and colored rose, gold, scarlet and russet. Soft beautiful mosses of many different kinds: furry ones, that grew close to the ground; trailing ones; upstanding feathery ones like plumes, and each moss was green and everlasting. The tiny brown cones of the larch trees made excellent buttons. The soft lining of the fern fronds made Miss Hickory's winter underwear.... she wore a dress of layer upon layer of golden beech leaves. Her coat was made of soft, low-growing moss, thick and warm, with tiny larch cones for buttons and a border of creeping pine. Her close-fitting hat was little more than a cap, but smart. It matched her coat, being made of green moss, and it had a bunch of red alder-berries and one moss plume for trimming."

Eileen's Attic