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The Christmas Miracle 2004

They said the last time it snowed on Christmas Eve in the Houston/Gavleston area was 1918. What a wonderful surprise to have snow start falling on Christmas Eve 2004. I was going to go to church and went outside to check road conditions around 10:30 PM and heard children laughing as they played in the snow. Parents made sure to get their kids outside to see and play in the snow before it was gone.

We drove down to Galveston on Christmas morning for brunch at the Hotel Galvez. The usual 20 minute trip took over an hour on the snowy Interstate. The beach with snow was a beautiful site and one I will long remember. Everyone was so giddy and happy. No one could resist throwing snowballs. All too soon the snow was gone. It all melted away by early afternoon, but we'll all remember the Christmas Miracle of 2004 for the rest of our lives. (I'm sure anyone reading this and living someplace up north will find it hard to believe that anyone could get this excited over snow, but in almost 26 years of living in this part of the country I've only seen a few snow flurries.)