My Own Vision
I sketched this picture with pencil (by tracing a copy of The Apparition) to show what I envisioned in the mist of my picture. I see the profile of a woman in a long coat with a hood or something off her back. I see a bonnet with hair flowing from beneath. While I really don't "see" a fan in the woman's hand, I also don't see the lower half of her face between the jawbone and the eyes. In trying to sketch my vision, I figured a fan could be in her hand covering that lower half. I've had others think they see her left hand pulling her coat over to her right shoulder, covering her face in the process. I will admit that my very first impression of the mist was that of the Grim know, big cape, hidden face, sickle in its hand...I think I'll stick with the image of a woman, it's much more pleasant!