Rabbit Valley, CO
Here is a remote area that we accidentally found some years ago when we were overtaken by darkness and had to find a place to camp. Access is easy off I-70. Rabbit Valley is Exit 2 at the extreme western edge of Colorado. On the north side of the highway is an ongoing dinosaur excavation that is open to public viewing (no charge) and includes a guided trail called "The Trail Through Time" where you can see dinosaur bones sticking out of the rock. There are camping opportunities in this area but there are more and better ones across I-70 on the south side. Here dirt roads go deep into the backcountry or lead you on a scenic excursion that generally parallels I-70. Maps are available from the BLM if you want to know ahead of time where you'll end up. Go to their website "www.co.blm.gov/colocanyons/index.htm" or to their field office in Grand Junction, Colorado for brochures and maps of the Rabbit Valley area. This site was only about a half-mile from I-70 but it was quiet and out of site of the highway.