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On April 12, 2002, "Tigie II" joined the Hendrix family.

"Tigie II" is a 2002 4-wheel-drive Tiger CX on a GMC pickup truck chassis, built by

Tiger Adventure Vehicles by Provan Industries

4837 Edmond Highway (Hwy. 302)
West Columbia, South Carolina

Being just 19-feet long, Tigie II maneuvers easily and fits into a standard parking lot space. These attributes and an average of 14 m.p.g have enabled us to be a one-vehicle family.

Tigie II is fully self-contained with large-capacity fresh water and waste water tanks. In addition, we added a 50-watt solar panel to the roof plus an extra deep-cycle gel battery to power our lights (all of which are fluorescent), color TV and laptop computer.

We opted not to have a microwave or electric heater/air-conditioner since we are rarely camped in a full-service (110V) campground and didn't feel the cost of and space needed for a generator justified its benefit.

Some of the other customizations we asked Provan to do for us were raising the tailpipe to increase ground clearance, replacing the dining area opaque vent cover with a translucent one (which gives us a great deal of additional, free light during the day), moving the thermostat away from the cooking stove, installing a control panel, and installing upholstery WITHOUT buttons!! We substituted a small, rectangular tabletop for the two tabletops provided with the rig and padded the rungs of the bunk ladder with carpet remnant and thick carpet padding.

We love to travel and we love to camp in wild places. We spend an average of 6 full months each year in Tigie II.

The following photos depict Tigie II in its many free campsites located on our western National Forests and BLM lands. We hope you enjoy travelling with us across our public lands.

If you would like more information about Tigie II or camping free on our public lands, contact Tigie II's owners

Klaus & Jane Hendrix