Chalice Well & Gardens
Thorn tree at top of the picture. The Chalice Well is nestled at the base of the Glastonbury Tor. You can see the tower on the Tor through the trees. Below the tower is the Lion's Head, where pilgrims are welcome to drink of these waters. It is always a place of special prayers and personal ceremony. The tree above and to the left of the Lion's Head is a holy thorn, scion of The Holy Thorn Tree (Crateagus Monogyna Praecox) that Joseph of Arimathea brought from the Holy Land. It is a special thorn because in late October and early November, around the time of Samhain, the Celtic time of death and rebirth, this tree, and others like it around Glastonbury have both berries and flowers! Possible interpretations: Though St. Joseph is said to have brought the Grail to Britain, it is rarely connected with his monastery of Glastonbury except in purely local legend. The water in the Chalice Well Gardens, below the Tor, certainly runs red, but this is mundanely explained by the red Iron Oxide minerals in the Glastonbury soil.