October 2, 2003
As the anniversary of last year's story "The Fever" approached, I wondered if something would happen again. Although our toddler did have an invisible friend come to visit in the middle of the night the week before, which may have been our little ghost "Elizabeth" (see full story in UNEXPLAINED EXPERIENCES album),I still anticipated a possible visit on October 2. I had trouble sleeping that night and witnessed nothing during those early morning hours I was down in my office. I didn't tell the family that it was the anniversary either, as I didn't want to possibly bring about a "story" by the power of suggestion. If something really did happen, there had to be no warning for them. On the morning of October 3rd, my oldest daughter woke me in a panic. Her alarm had been turned off during the night and now she and her brother were late for school. She distinctly remembered setting her clock the night before, even making sure it was set for the morning hour and not the evening hour. Prior to going to bed, the last thing she did before setting her clock was to organize her purse, putting her pens and pencils in a special spot, making sure any papers were in one section and other items were also in a specific place. To say my straight-A student is simply organized would be an understatement; so organized that I even say I want to be just like my daughter when "I grow up". I didn't even think of the possibility that Elizabeth may have played with the clocks the night before, until we were piling into the car bleery-eyed and half-asleep 10 minutes after we woke. As I backed the car onto the driveway, I looked into the rear-view mirror and asked my daughter how she slept last night, giving no clue to the kids I was wondering about a visitor. My son said he was freezing, which would be accurate since it had dipped below 35 degrees that night during an early Fall Frost and we've yet to turn on the heat in the house since the furnace hasn't been serviced yet this season. My daughter said, "I wasn't cold at all. My room was really warm" (with no heat...and 35 degree temps...?) Then she added, "but I must have been sleep walking last night, because not only was my clock turned off but my purse was open and all of the contents were scattered on my dresser, including my glasses". She said that the purse she had made sure was perfectly organized the night before was a complete mess. Her door had remained closed all night and neither our toddler nor the cats ever went in her room and touched her purse that night. It was at that point I reminded my daughter that last night was the anniversary of "The Fever". She just shook her head and smiled. I have to admit, I was hoping for something a little more dramatic to occur rather than "someone rifled through my purse while I slept", but we can never tell how the stories will turn out. Did she really sleep walk during the night...or did "someone" come back to play in her room while she slept?