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The House Guests

The weekend prior to Art's departure on a scheduled Sailing Rally, two members of Art's Crew arrived. We put the couple in Drew's room, since the older three children were away for the weekend. The morning after their first night in the home, Art and I were awakened at 6:29 am by our TV turning on by itself. I was the last person to touch the TV before going to bed. It was NOT set to turn on in the morning, in fact we had never before used the TV as an Awake Alarm. I turned off the TV, but had trouble going back to sleep. Art and I joked that it was the "ghost" in the house giving Art a sign he (or she) would be there to watch over us while he was away. I eventually realized returning to sleep was futile, so I went down to fix breakfast. I was surprised to find one member of Art's crew already awake and sitting at the kitchen table. I told her that we'd been up awhile and she said, "so have we, because of the alarm". I thought she had heard our TV turn on, but she said, "No, the Clock alarm in Drew's room went off at 6:29. I thought we had made sure it was off before going to bed, but I guess we hadn't." Strange... Drew's alarm is usually set for MUCH earlier, as he has to leave for the bus by 6:25 am. Was it someone giving us a sign or was it just a very strange coincidence? The next night, Art's last night before going off on his sail, we all made sure the clocks and alarms were off, except for the VERY important alarm for Art and Crew needing to get up by 4am to set sail. At 1:30am Art and I heard the beep on his phone indicating his charging cell phone (which was set to awaken him) had been unplugged. We were both in bed. He got up and found the cell phone unplugged...

Nothing unusual happened during the week he was gone...until the day he was scheduled to return. I was outside that morning checking the fields. As I came around the back of the home to turn on the outside water for the hose, I found the basement door WIDE open. I was upset the kids would leave the door open. I wrongly assumed they had done it, since it had been shut when I was downstairs not long before. Afterall, I was downstairs doing laundry right infront of the door. There was NO way the door had been open then, since it has one lock and two very difficult slide bolts required to unlock. The door had been shut tight and bolted. Even Brianne saw this while helping me with laundry that morning. I came through the opened basement door and tried shutting it the best I could, but it's rather heavy and I would need help. I went up the stairs, only to find myself LOCKED in the basement. The door to the first floor was locked from the outside. Miranda was outfront taking Joey for a walk and the older 2 kids had never left the kitchen. No one went down in the basement, only to have someone else lock it from the foyer behind them. Impossible. The kids never went downstairs, aside from Bri helping me do laundry...I certainly hadn't opened it...Even my father (who came to visit later that day) had to help me shut it completely, as it's that heavy. We joked that the ghost knew Art was returning and it was a sign he was leaving the home...or was it a joke?