The Stomping
On January 11, 2004, just an hour after my youngest daughter and I heard a baby crying in our home, we had another unexplained experience in the house. I will add that it's unusual, even for our haunted home, for so many things to occur so close together...I was coming up the stairs and then down the hall to bring my husband something he needed while he was working in the kids' bathroom when we all heard a very loud noise coming from the bathroom on the master bedroom level. The noise was so loud that my husband actually began yelling for us to stop the noise because it was breaking his concentration on his work repairing the tub tiles. My oldest daughter (who came out of her room) and I were both outside the bathroom where he was working and we told him "the noise is coming from upstairs...only no one is up there". My youngest daughter was downstairs in the redroom and all 4 of us distinctly heard the same very loud noise coming the top level of the house, near the master bathroom (pictured here). It sounded as if someone was stomping their feet angrily and even pounding their fists on the wall. It was the first time any unexplained experience was so strong, lasted so long and was witnessed by so many. It wasn't the cats, as they were accounted for. Once the noise stopped, I went upstairs and found nothing out of place. I went outside and saw nothing on the roof (even though we all were sure the sound seemed to come from inside the house in that master bathroom). We never found the source of the sound, but the noise did seem to come from someone rather angry or frustrated upstairs (and it wasn't just my husband who had earlier been making similar sounds as he was doing home repairs). Was it someone connected with the crying baby, since they happened in the same afternoon, or was it some spirit feeling my husband's frustration. The only date in history that may be connected, aside from the birth and subsequent death of that baby in 1847, was found on one of the tombstones in the grave yard. Apparently, one of the decendants of the original builder (who was not only born in the home but later inherited it, as well) was Fielder Bowie Smith. He was born on February 3, 1828 and he died on January 8, 1887. Could he have been the Smith Stomping upstairs?