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I want to take a moment to thank the many visitors who’ve taken this virtual tour of our home. As of October 2, 2003, I’ve already had nearly 8,000 hits to my site in less than one year (nearly 11,000 hits as of January 2004). I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing my stories with you all. I’ve truly appreciated your comments, your compliments and even trying to answer your many questions. Just this past summer, someone was asking me if I was ever going to go beyond the website by capturing my stories between the pages of a book. While it’s something I would love to do eventually, I told them that there just weren’t enough “stories” yet to justify a complete book. After our “Bedside Visitor” came to visit in February, we hardly had any occurrences. I said that one thing I won’t do is fabricate my stories, because they are all based on real experiences we’ve encountered since moving in to the Highlands; if experiences aren’t happening then there are no stories to tell. Not long after I made that comment, many more unexplained experiences suddenly began to occur, the first being my name appearing on the wall. A few more signs, a few more stories and perhaps one day these stories will be between the pages of a book…for now, continue to enjoy THE HIGHLANDS at Picturetrail.com ~With thanks, Lauren Sue

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I just happened along this link and this was very interesting. I'm not sure I could ever stay in a place like this as it scares me but I have to hand it to you. It's a beautiful place.
Mar. 9, 2009  By: Mar 9,2009 Marcia
JUst read the stories and they are so cool and the house sounds very intresting, i would love to visit.
Jun. 25, 2008  By: oil
Great site and stories. Thanks so much for sharing them. Please keep us updated.
Jul. 3, 2006  By: Mary
Jun. 23, 2006  By: LUISA
Wonderful! I love your accounts of all experiences, at least you keep track and try to investigate these experiences. I too attract places and spirits. I lived in a house that had alot of paranormal activity but not as old as the house you live in.Keep up the writing and pics.
Apr. 26, 2006  By: Erenia
You do indeed hae a very "unique" home.I am a strong believer in paranormail activities as I have experienced many in my life. Such stories have always interested me as I am a bit of a medium for some spirits .It is a gift that I have grown up with. Great story.
Mar. 16, 2006  By: Nicole V.
i love the stories and the pictures maybe you should have the house investigated. just for fun.
Feb. 10, 2006  By: ran
Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed it very much.
Jan. 17, 2006  By: Ellen
I love the stories. Perhaps you should share them at: www.coasttocoastam.com
Dec. 10, 2005  By: Larry
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