The Bedside Visitor
The night before my birthday, February 10th, I was up most of the night with two of my children while they coughed in to the hours with croup. Once I finally got my oldest son back to sleep, I took my youngest, Joey (23 months), up to the masterbedroom. When I got in the bed, I placed Joey in between my husband and myself. Joey and I were both facing my husband. As you read the next section keep in mind that this all happened within a matter of seconds...As I was about to fall asleep, I thought I saw someone standing behind my husband facing the bed. I knew I had not heard anyone enter the room, so it couldn't be one of the children. Besides, the figure seemed much too large and almost masculine, but I couldn't quite make it out because it looked very similar to the apparition I captured in that picture back in December. I didn't say anything, but my husband (who also was not yet asleep) looked at me quizzically. He could tell I was looking at something behind him. Before he had a chance to turn and look behind him, Joey sat up and pointed to the apparition and said "What's that?" And then it was gone. Joey did not see my face right before that, as he had his back to me. I had not had a chance to point or say anything. He appeared to be seeing just what I saw on his own. Although my husband never saw it, he did witness that Joey appeared to see whatever I saw during those few seconds. My husband can be rather skeptical of all of the occurrences, but this is just another one which he can validate. I thought it was very interesting that Joey seemed to "see" it as well. I actually went to sleep quite well that night, comforted in the fact that I wasn't the only witness of the bed side visitors for once.