The Coincidence...?
One very windy evening in November, we lost power in the Highlands. A few hours after being in the dark house, I called my Mother to tell her about our lack of electricity. Jokingly, my mother suggested I tell my "ghost" to turn on the lights for us. We refer to one of our ghosts as "Elizabeth", ever since "the fever" occurance back in October. To my mother's comment, I simply replied that "Elizabeth was too short to reach the switch". The very second those words left my mouth...THE POWER CAME BACK ON! Was it merely a coincidence or was Elizabeth trying to show me she was NOT too short to restore my power! I guess I should never underestimate my ghosts. We also think Elizabeth is the one who continues to make Joey's toys turn on by themselves. This happens from time to time, especially the toy which plays a series of classical songs.