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Photographic Findings...

Late one afternoon, soon after moving in, I took about 60 pictures of each room to show our decorating. All of the pictures came out very clear, except for the pictures taken in the master bedroom. Look closely and you will see a swoosh of white in one area of the ceiling in 2 of those pictures and several circles of light all around each photo. I did not notice them while taking the photo or since. You may also find it interesting that these photos were NOT all taken consecutively and, while I was in another room capturing shots, those orbs of light did not appear in the other pictures. Nearly 2 years later, the orbs appear again in pictures taken after the room was repainted. Once again, you can see the same vortexes, swooshes and orbs around the room in pictures.

According to some things I read regarding photographs & ghosts: Some photographs of ghosts look like luminous balls of light (known as orbs) while others look like cloud-like apparitions on film (known as Ectoplasm). The glowing balls of light and luminous balls (and sometimes vortexes) are not always seen by the person taking the picture, but may appear once the film has been developed. Interesting Side Note: I was taking pictures for the 2002 album of Highland pictures and I took one of the upstairs hallway leading to the Maser bedroom. I took about 7 pictures that day inside and out, yet ORBS only showed up in the Upper Hallway picture(above our bed). You can see that picture and judge for yourself in that other album labeled "The Highlands 2002".