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A Brief Glimpse at The Highlands' History

According to an original grant found in the land office in Annapolis, Maryland: On February 20,1679, 300 acres called "The Highlands" were laid out for Thomas Smith, to "beholden of the Manor of Calverton". He was known as the founder of the Smith family of "Smithville, Maryland", which is what our area was called until the early 1900's. Thomas Sr. willed 240 acres of this land known as "The Highlands" to his eldest son, Thomas Smith, Jr when he died in 1684. The remaining 60 acres were split between his other surviving children. When he died in 1734, Thomas Smith III inherited 200 acres and the slaves. It is believed that Thomas Smith III began building the present brick house around 1760. Fielder Bowie Smith, the heir to the home in 1782, is believed to be the first to live in the finished brick home. Fielder did extensive remodeling on the home in the late 18th century.

The home remained in the Smith family until 1945. It was sold twice between 1945 and 1960. Since 1997, it has been sold three times, including our purchase of the home in The Spring of 2002. The historic district of the home is now 5 acres, with one remaining 19th century Barn with three stables & one work shed. Another horse barn, Tobacco Barn & the cemetary remain behind the historic property.