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2-4-6-8 Let Us All Evacuate??

The Houston area was told to evacuate for Hurricane Rita during September 2005. After witnessing what Katrina did to New Orleans we decided to comply. We live approximately 26 miles inland from Galveston Island and are in a mandatory evacuation area for a category 4 or 5 storm.

We left home at 10:15 PM on Wednesday, September 21, 2005. After 19 1/2 hours on the road we had only gone 45 miles due to the massive traffic jam. Reluctantly, we realized we couldn't get out and headed back home. After a good night's rest we headed inland approximately ten miles to Keith's apartment in Houston to ride out the storm. Fortunately, the storm turned east and we only received a little rain and wind. We now know that it is not possible to evacuate a major metropolitan area. We are still undecided about what we'll do the next time. (I was unable to take any pictures during the actual evacuation because my camera was buried under a ton of stuff in the trunk of my car.)