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The Nursery In The Highlands

The first set of pictures show Joey's room which will be shared, in the future, with the baby. Joey was a co-sleeping baby and never really used the crib in the room. If this baby is as good as Joey, I imagine he'll be co-sleeping, too. Joey's room used to have a patriotic theme but we recently began adding a baseball theme, since Joey loves baseball. Perhaps we'll add a baseball mobile for the crib! Since there is no closet in this room and only one dresser (already packed with Joey's clothes), the baby's clothes are on shelves in Mommy's room.

The second set of pictures show Mommy's room, which will be shared with the baby as soon as he's born. If he's not co-sleeping, he'll also be able to sleep in the heirloom cradle. Daddy sleeps in the masterbedroom on the 3rd floor of our home (not only does he snore, but he likes to keep his room extremely cold and I like it much warmer).