Another prom gown 1957
As good as my memory is about the fifties, I have no idea where I wore this gown. I know it was not mine, so I must have borrowed it. If it is your gown, let me know. I do have the orchid I was wearing in my scrap book. I remember the boy I was with, just not where we went. I know it was 1957 because I am carrying my May Court gloves.

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It is Elvis Presley, but he did not want anyone to know he was in town. Oh, what a night.
Dec. 31, 2012  By: barbara
I forgot, who did you say was on the other side of the picture??
Aug. 19, 2009  By: Friend
It disappeared!!!!!
Jun. 21, 2009  By: barbara
What happened to the other half of the picture?
Jun. 20, 2009  By: A Friend
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