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Esmeraldas de Colombia Folckloric Ballet

Who are we?

Esmeraldas de Colombia is a traditional dance group from Colombia, formed in 1996. Since then, through performances, they have promoted and taught the history, music, language and folklore of Colombia. The name, Esmeraldas, was chosen to bring out another image of Colombia. Colombia produces 90% of the world’s supply of emeralds and is one of the largest exporters of the precious gem. Emerald, being the emblem of love, fits the group’s message of love and peace through music and dance. Having two coasts-- the Atlantic and the Pacific – plus the Andes, Altiplano and Llanos regions, Colombia is rich in folklore and distinctive in music. It presents a challenge to anyone who claims to know everything about the country. Much of the rhythms are derived from a combination of musical forms brought to the New World by the Spanish colonists and African slaves.