Senior Sigmas 1960
1st Row: Jean Daughtery, Jane Cornett, Peggy Catron. 2nd: Brenda Lucado, Brenda Meador, Wanda Bignotti. 3rd: Libby Clore, Dana day, Frances Dominici. 4th: Carol Robinson, Janice Tinney, Vickie Bivens. 5: Nicki Moody, Phyllis Hyder, Virginia Jarvis, Joanna Bignotti. Not Pictured: Martha Hurt and Peggy Kender

Photo Comments
It is fun to see these pictures!
Jun. 24, 2006  By: Phyllis Hyder Isaacs
Sorry this is so small, but if I enlarge it, it destorts the features. If anyone has a better photo please send it to me.
Jun. 10, 2006  By: Barbara
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