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I have been knitting since 1960. I learned for a 'how to knit' book. Knitting always made sense to me so it never seemed hard. I have worked as a knitting teacher in yarn shops in the Seattle area. I do some commercial pattern designing and seldom follow anyone else's pattern. It is more fun to make the item your own.~~~~ I sell my original patterns via email and knit custom order socks. If you would like to discuss any part of knitting join me on Ravelry; http://www.ravelry.com/ My sign in is Nancieknitit. I have a forum there called Adventurous Needles. You are welcome to join us there were we talk about what we are doing, usually in the fiber world. 
12 photos -
7 photos - post cancer knitting
Kauni sweater
8 photos - The progress of creating this sweater
Knitting 2007
18 photos - Items that I knit during the year
Knitting 2006
35 photos - A record of what I knit this year
Home and Family
20 photos - Pictures of where we live and who we are.
Knitting GTGs - 0 Photos
These are pictures of our Get To~Gether's
Knitting 2005
22 photos - Socks and all knit for this year!!
7 photos - Mostly these are things I made for the GK's
The Knitted Garden
31 photos - This is the progress of its construction!
Knitted Garden Continued
18 photos - This is the continuation of the knitted garden
Knitted Toys
20 photos - My friends that have come from my knitting
Wool Socks
73 photos -
23 photos - This is the type of knitting I've done most of.
Cotton Socks
15 photos -
14 photos - Being one of the adicted sock knitters I have a few to show.
Baby Surprise Sweaters
30 photos - The changes possible from one pattern
Knitted Coats/Vests
21 photos - I've seen many coat patterns these are the ones I couldn't resist.
Accessories & items for the home
24 photos - These are items I've knit over the years for others.
Machine Knitting
13 photos - This will be some of the things I make on my machines.
9 photos - Knitting for comfort
"The Adventurous Bear"
25 photos - Ted E Bear's trip to visit his cyber friends