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sbejster Online Photos

Hello and welcome to my For Sale folders.

You most likely arrived here from a link in an add I placed in either a local Yahoo for sale group or CraigsList. If you see something you are interested in, feel free to e-mail me at sbejster@yahoo.com. That is the same e-mail address you will see in the original ad you saw. You will also see it posted on the opening page of each folder when you enter. You can also contact me by just posting a comment on any photo. It may take a day to get to me, but I'll at least get it.

Have fun browsing and feel free to e-mail if you have any questions.

Unfortunately, due to too many problems with inconsiderate and thoughtless human beings and the increasing greediness of the post office, I refuse to ship anything anymore. These sales are strictly for local pick-up only. 

Auto Parts for Sale
9 photos -
Hand Crafted Items for Sale
4 photos -
Miscellaneous For Sale
11 photos -
Costumes For Sale
1 photos - Renaissance, Civil War and 1890's Costumes
Antique Clothes For Sale
11 photos - Antique Clothes for Sale
Vintage For Sale
21 photos -
Crafts For Sale
34 photos -
Children's Stuff For Sale
13 photos -
Vintage/Collectible Toys For Sale
9 photos -
Books for Sale
8 photos -
Dolores' Stuff
9 photos -
Bradley-Type Doll Blank
10 photos -