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Imagine This

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22 photos - some of my iPhone Photos, usually edited with apps on my iPad.
Altered Calendar RR, Part II - MMCA
38 photos - These are the scans of calendar pages done in July through August 2006.
altered Calendar RR, Part I - MMCA
30 photos - These are scans of my work in the various calendars of the MMCA Calendar RR
Journal RR#2 (Second Half)
36 photos - This is my work in the other six journals from the round robin.
Journal RR #2 (First Half)
51 photos - These are scans of my work in the second round of "Art for Everyday Life" RR. It began 3/21/05. Watch for updates as the round robin progresses through 2005..
Arte Ed Anima - Colour Play
23 photos - Round Robin with artists from England and the U.S.
Mail Art
55 photos - My art done on envelopes and packages that made it through the mail.
Journal Round Robin #1
67 photos - These are pictures of my art from journals belonging to various artists in the first round of the "Art from Everyday Life" round robin..
Fat Little Art Books
32 photos - These are pictures of books and pages from the swaps in ArtBound, ArtBound2, etc
15 photos - Work I've done in my decos and those of other artists.
Altered Book Pages
19 photos - Pages from 2 round robins
Frida Book Shrine
11 photos - This is an assemblage about Frieda Kahlo I made for a shrine swap.
Altered Cabinet Cards
7 photos - These are my attempts to alter old cabinet cards.
Alice in Wonderland Canvas Series
14 photos - Mini canvas collages. 5 of them were in Somerset Studio Jy/Aug '03
Alice Altered Book RR
48 photos - An Alice book for an AlteredBooks Round Robin
Alice in Wonderland Postoids
7 photos - Artistamps I made - Alice in Wonderland theme. (Not real postage, of course)
Artist Trading Cards
23 photos - These are 2.5" X 3.5" cards done for a swap of original art (no collage!)
7 photos - Collage, acrylic and found objects on canvas
Artist Books and Journals
22 photos - Handmade books and journals
Art Journals
12 photos - These are scans of journals I use or pages I've done for others' journals.
18 photos - these are my amateur attempts at jewelry making.
Art Dolls
10 photos - Art dolls from various projects
9 photos - Assemblages and canvas assemblages done in the past ten years.
Alice in Wonderland Folder Book
10 photos - Handmade books/Journals that have completed content.
Tag Art
21 photos - Art done on shipping tags
I Have a BLOG!
1 photos - http://sallyt.typepad.com/imagine_this/
For Sale
13 photos - empty now. If you see something you'd like to have, email me. sallyt1@cox.net.
Private - 1 Photos
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