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Drew Hause Online Photos - Kansas, Damascus, L.C. Smith, Vintage Shooting, Sporting Art & History


Arizona Quail Country

64 Photos


105 Photos

Eldridge Hardie's Kansas

5 Photos

Prairie Grouse

36 Photos

Life Is Good
A Tribute to Dog and Pipe

15 Photos

Damascus Barrels

85 Photos

Damascus Demonstration Rods & Images

35 Photos

Billets, Rods, Ribbands & Welds
With Steve Culver

30 Photos

Arabesque and Damascus Steel

32 Photos

Liege Damascus Rosetta Stone

24 Photos

Ferlach Damascus Rosetta Stone

60 Photos

Damas Corche & Toncin

28 Photos

Lindner Daly Damascus

17 Photos

English Damascus
Or Mostly Belgian Tubes On English Guns

55 Photos

A History of English Damascus
From the Stephen Helsley Collection

22 Photos

Sir Thomas Kilby

17 Photos

Laminated Steel

57 Photos

Damascus Barrels & Ribs

67 Photos

Parker Damascus

82 Photos

Parker Lifter Barrels

59 Photos

Parker Hammerless Quality Examples

37 Photos

Ithaca Hammerless Damascus
Special thanks to Walt Snyder

32 Photos

Lefever & Baker Damascus

51 Photos

Colt & Remington Damascus

64 Photos

Damascus Anomalies

79 Photos

Damascus Restoration

49 Photos

Barrel Sleeving

28 Photos

Flanigan's Damascus Restoration

21 Photos

Laminette, Francais, Archaic & Modern

91 Photos

Damas Ferlacher, Francais & Belgique

73 Photos


59 Photos

Belgian Maker's Marks

91 Photos

Henri Pieper Monobloc

13 Photos

Belgian Proof Marks

22 Photos

Vintage Sporting Art

49 Photos

Kids and Dogs

5 Photos


23 Photos

Gentleman Bob

9 Photos

Archibald Thorburn's Pheasants

9 Photos

Edmund Henry Osthaus

28 Photos

A.B. Frost

28 Photos

Lynn Bogue Hunt

14 Photos

J. F. Kernan

20 Photos

Arthur Davenport Fuller

8 Photos

Leon Danchin

10 Photos

Boris Riab

4 Photos

National Sportsman & Hunting and Fishing

10 Photos

Vintage Sporting Advertising

24 Photos

Vintage Sporting Dealers

26 Photos

Peters Cartridge Co.

15 Photos

The Art of Wingshooting

122 Photos

Vintage Trap Shooting
"The King of Sports"

242 Photos

Sporting Life
Courtesy of LA84Foundation

49 Photos

LC Smith Advertisements

116 Photos

LC Smith Catalogs & Price Lists

53 Photos

LC Smith Hammer Guns

53 Photos

LC Smith Maker, Syracuse Hammerless
Courtesy of David Williamson

24 Photos

Hunter Arms Pre-1913 LC Smith

72 Photos

1913-1950 LC Smith

94 Photos

LC Smith Trap Guns

123 Photos

LC Smith Skeet Guns

55 Photos

Long Range Wild Fowl

39 Photos

Hunter Arms Military Purchase Guns
Courtesy of Dr Jim Stubbendieck

12 Photos

Extraordinary LCs

45 Photos

Blued & Nickle Plated Smiths

10 Photos

Peninsular & Occidental Steamship Smith

6 Photos

Hunter Arms Co. Hunter & Fulton Boxlocks

97 Photos

LC Smith Design and Engineering

96 Photos

Hunter One Trigger
Miller, Infallible, Fulford & others

34 Photos

LC Smith Steel Barrel Marks

115 Photos

LC Smith Damascus and Barrel Marks

79 Photos

LC Smith Disassembly and Reassembly

75 Photos

LC Smith Specialty Grade Engraving

22 Photos

LC Smith Ideal Grade Engraving

8 Photos

LC Smith Wonderous Wood

106 Photos

Vintage Recoil Pads

39 Photos

NOT So Wonderous Wood

11 Photos

LC Smith Wonderous Wood Refinish

24 Photos

LC "Long Cracked" Smith Repair

31 Photos

Dan May's "Long Cracked" Smith Repair

30 Photos

Baker Guns

144 Photos

Tobin Arms Mfg. Co.
Courtesy of David Noreen

36 Photos

A.J. Aubrey & Meriden Fire Arms Co.

104 Photos

H&D Folsom, Crescent & Tradename Guns
"The Tiffany of Sporting Goods"

230 Photos

N. R. Davis
"As Good As It Gets"

19 Photos

Trevallion Trivia and Technicana

52 Photos

House of Trevallion

29 Photos

Irongate Wharf, Paddington

66 Photos

Historic Guns and Shooters

27 Photos

President Roosevelt 'Doubles in the Desert'

10 Photos

Theodore Roosevelt's Guns

13 Photos

Case Colors

25 Photos

Disasters Afield

44 Photos

Barrel Blow-Out Post-Mortem

31 Photos

Barrel Non-Destructive Testing

25 Photos

Pattern Welded Strength

16 Photos

Repairs and Restorations

63 Photos

Stock Bending
and Crossover Stocks

27 Photos

Butt Transplant

11 Photos

Rib Relay with Dewey and Chuck

30 Photos


56 Photos

Vintage Hunting

12 Photos

Shotshells, Proof & Ballistics

58 Photos


48 Photos