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queenoftexas Online Photos

SomethingBlue - 16 Photos
1 photos - silly stuff
Pull-ApartPaper Butterflies
18 photos - made with foiled stickers
14 photos - my new studio before it's layered in dust
New Apartment
12 photos - More Room, Thank Dog!
Messy Studio Pics
7 photos - Yes, I work in filth
Stone House Stamps Beaded Asian Cards
14 photos - some of the beautiful Stone House women
Stone House Stamps Fairy Tale Images
15 photos - cards from fairy tale plate
Stone House Stamps Mostly Spin Art
18 photos - Alcohol Inks/Spin Art
Enameled Kimonos
17 photos - stonehousestamps.com kimono embellished with glaze and souffle pens
11 photos - Messy Fun
Stone House Stamps Women
19 photos - some of the Stone House Chix
Dia de los Muertos
14 photos - Day of the Dead
Foiled/Beaded cards
10 photos - Magic Foil over wooden pieces
6 photos - painted with mica paints
Magic Pattern
5 photos - what is another name for this technique?
10 photos - When I saw the top two bunnies at the craft store, I knew I had to make an Easter Bunny Shrine....the "real" Easter Bunny down below is annoyed at his upstairs neighbors making such a commotion, but isn't that what rabbits do???
amstamps.com Batiks
11 photos - double batik petroglyphs
Paper Parachute
33 photos - new line of patterned paper and printed ribbons
13 photos - PE Cards
10 photos - samples
amstamps.com Cory Celaya's Images
10 photos -
12 Days of Christmas/Tile Bookmarks
13 photos - bookmarks/bookmark cards
Magnet Cards
6 photos - magnets magically stick to the card fronts using a hidden piece of metal shim
25 photos - samples
3 photos -
Renaissance Art Stamps
20 photos - all samples made with RAS images
Stampsmith Geometrics
10 photos - I made these to show basic layouts for a class
Sometimes Life is Just One Big Circus
10 photos - getting rid of all dat ribbon!
6 photos - still using up ribbon!!!
MissSmartyPants Lorraine
7 photos - hilarious card with prezzie
QueenieABXXXRated - 55 Photos
AB for my BD...verra racy!
Mystery Album - 7 Photos
still unpublished
WashiSwap - 6 Photos