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Primitive Pursuits

Photobucket > ~ Primitive Update Coming Soon Thursday May 19th @ 12 Noon EST ~ ~~ NEW EMAIL address is : mickybakeman@gmail.com~~ For those of you that are NOT ON MY MAILING LIST and WOULD LIKE to be, please send me an email and I will add you to the list. I will send you a REMINDER email when I have an update. Please don't be afraid to ask questions! Questions should be asked before purchases are made. Email:mickybakeman@gmail.com ~ Micky Bakeman
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~ Update Thursday May 19th @12 NOON EST~
~Fresh finds ! ~

1 Photos

~Please Read Before Making Purchase~

1 Photos

~Primitives Around The House ~

2 Photos

~ Early Primitive Folk Art Birdhouse Old Pt ~(SOLD
~ Very Cool Folk Art Birdhouse Much Detail ~

9 Photos

~Old Primitive Sign Cattle Crossing Old Pt~(SOLD)
~ Old Farm Sign Yellow & Black Paint ~

7 Photos

~ Early Primitive Cricket Stool Old Blue Pt ~(SOLD
~ Small Size Old Dry Paint ~

7 Photos

~ Early Primitive Doll Chair Old Grey Paint ~SOLD
~ Small Size Old Dry Grey Over Original Red ~

4 Photos

~ Early Primitive Blue Calico Bonnet ~ SOLD
~ A Nice One! ~

5 Photos

~ Early Primitive Bail Pantry Oyster/Blue ~SOLD
~ Small Size Bailed Pantry Old Oyster Over Blue Lid Long Missing~

10 Photos

~ Early Primitive Blue Calico Doll Apron ~(SOLD)
~ Sweet Calico Apron For Cloth Doll Or Bear ~

4 Photos

~ Early Primitive Doll Bonnet Red Calico ~ SOLD
~ Sweet Small Size ~

4 Photos