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...NOTE...WE NOW HAVE A NEW WEBSITE OPENED AND WILL NO LONGER BE MAINTAINING AND UPDATING THESE ALBUMS. PLEASE GO TO www.pjmaxltd.com PJ Max, LTD is an online boutique specializing in Informal, Casual Wedding dresses that are perfect for your Beach Wedding, Poolside Wedding, Second Wedding, Vow Renewals, or any Informal Wedding where a Formal Gown is not desired...........IF YOU HAVE ARRIVED ON THIS PAGE DIRECTLY, YOU HAVE SOMEHOW SKIPPED OUR MAIN WEBSITE HOME PAGE WHICH IS http://www.pjmaxltd.com 
Tropical Wedding Cottons Caribbean Island Style #1
76 photos - A Collection of lighweight Tropical, Island, Hawaiian Cotton Wedding attire.
Beach and Informal Bridal Dresses. #2
37 photos - Dresses for Tropical Beach Weddings and other Informal settings.
Beach and Informal Bridal Dresses # 3
42 photos - Informal Bridal Dresses
Beach and Informal Bridal Dresses #4
47 photos - Informal Bridal Gowns and Dresses
Beach and Informal Wedding Dresses #5
17 photos - A continuation of our beautiful and reasonalble dresses
Destination Wedding Dresses/Gowns #6
20 photos - A Collection of Carefully Selected Destination Wedding Gowns and Dresses.
48 photos - Sale and Clearance Informal Bridal dresses
35 photos - Specifically chosen for plus size ladies.
Mens Groom and Resort Wear #9
74 photos - A collection of unique Mens Groom and Resort wear
Bridesmaids- #10
18 photos - Resort and Cruise Wear
Children's Beach Wedding Attire #11
3 photos - A collection of children's wear to compliment our Casual wedding attire.
Bridal Shoes, and Accessories #12
10 photos - Head wear, Foot wear
Our Brides and Grooms #1
69 photos - A collection of our Brides at their weddings.
Our Brides and Grooms 2
25 photos - Album 2 of our Happy Brides and Grooms
Our Brides and Grooms 3
25 photos - A collection of photos sent to us by our Brides and Grooms of their special day.
39 photos - From Tara Grinna, Malibu, Christina
2 photos - A quick guide to measuring your bust, waist and hips.
Contact and Location Information
3 photos - Our Contact and Locations Information