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Welch Fabulous Fifties: A little more and a little less.....

The purpose of this photo site is to share photos and memories of our childhood in Welch, WV. The little more and little less means I go before and after the fifties with memories and extend the boundaries outside Welch to surrounding areas. So please share your pictures and memories. Welch is a small town in Southern West Virginia. I am Barbara Dawson Cassell and I graduated from Welch High School in 1957. My sister, Nancy is my biggest supporter. You can reach me at barcassell@gmail.com and Nancy at: nancdawson@aol.com. New Album..... "Welch Fabulous Fifties 2013 Reunion".Please sign guest book and feel free to make comments under the pictures. It makes this more this more fun.  

"On The Hill"
My First Album

48 Photos

Welch Fabulous Fifties 2013 Reunion
Greats pics from our reunion

28 Photos

Blakely Field

44 Photos

Newspaper Clippings from the 50's
Nilda Ramella let me borrow her scrapbook. and it is full of great clippings

22 Photos

Welch High School Sports

33 Photos

Welch High School Band and Music

16 Photos

Cars and Fifties Beauties
Photos of beauties and hunks in the rock and roll eera

37 Photos

Senior Sigma and Prim Priscilla Sororties
The Senior Sigma Sorority was created in 1956 by a group of senior girls. It was

15 Photos

Maroon Wave Swim Suit Edition

21 Photos

Prom Night
Send me a photo and see how many I can add to this album

20 Photos

P J Parties

39 Photos

Memories are Made of This

42 Photos

Photos and ads of movie theater's in the 50's

22 Photos


66 Photos

Welch, Way Back When
old post card and photos of Welch

23 Photos


32 Photos

Almost Heaven

29 Photos

Sharing wonderful memories of our classmates from Hempill-Caples.

18 Photos

Blakely Field Homecoming 2012
Nancy, Rhonda and I host a Blakely Field Homecoming every few years. This is the church

15 Photos

John and Barbara's 50th Wedding Anniversary
50 years of our life

35 Photos

Reunions Past
Pictures of all our past reunions

22 Photos

Welch High School 50th reunion 2007
photos of the reunion

57 Photos

Camp Beckwith

6 Photos

Bits and Pieces
Changing this album to add some more adventures. In April, the Rothenberry Twins, Nilda, and I are meeting at Pipestem to celebrate "A" birthday. Will give report later..

7 Photos

Merry Christmas

13 Photos