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Stop Motion Animation

Examples and tutorials on setbuilding, puppetmaking, camera and lighting rigs by stop motion animator/director Nick Hilligoss.
  • For my online movies, visit StopMoNick.
  • For discussion and help with all aspects of stopmotion animation, go to the message board at stopmotionanimation.
  • For some great eastern European and other classic animated film clips, visit Darkstrider.
  • For the latest news on stopmotion and lots more, drop in on Lio at StopmotionWorks and tell him Nick sent you. 

Making Puppets
How to make basic armatures etc

52 Photos

Lights & Camera Rigs
Lights, track, etc.

22 Photos

short films for stopmoshorts

27 Photos

Props, Sculptures, Suits
Non-stopmo creatures, costumes, and puppets

26 Photos

Scenic Art
Backdrops, paintings

7 Photos

Once Upon Australia
Prehistoric animals - dinos etc

13 Photos

Cell Animation sets

4 Photos

Lower Orders

5 Photos

Stopmotion sets
Sets and puppets

29 Photos

Good Riddance
5 x 5 minute series for ABC TV 2003

40 Photos

puppet, armature, and scene

5 Photos

Turtle World
stills from 8 min stopmo film

6 Photos

The Fig's Embrace
Preproduction for strangler fig film

7 Photos

Computer Animation
shots and elements created in CGI

15 Photos

Model Vehicles
Real and cgi models

12 Photos


21 Photos