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Dahlbeck Fancy Feathers Chicken Photos

Photos of many of my birds that I raise for show and also sell hatching eggs and started birds from. Included are silkie bantams, japanese, old english game bantams, cochin bantams, frizzles, and d'uccle bantams. I also raise ornimental pheasants, peafowl, guinea fowl, call ducks, muscovy ducks, sebastopol geese and large fowl rhode island reds, white rocks, barred rocks and polish. You can also find more detailed information on my Silkie blog at:
Dahlbeck Fancy Feathers Silkie Bantams and Assorted Poultry: Silkies the Fluffballs of the Chicken World

Cool Slideshows
Silver Gray Silkies
7 photos - My silver gray silkie bantams
Blue Silkies
13 photos - Some of my blue silkie bantams
Black Silkies
8 photos - Some of my black silkie bantams
Splash Silkies
12 photos - Some of my splash silkie bantams
Partridge Silkies
9 photos - My partridge silkie bantams
White Silkies
9 photos - My white silkie bantams
Buff Silkies
1 photos - My buff silkie bantams
Cuckoo Silkies
4 photos - My cuckoo silkie bantams
Japanese Bantams
9 photos - My Japanese are mottled, black, gray, BTW and white
Old English Game Bantams
5 photos - My OEGBs in BBR, black, and spangled
Cochins and Frizzles
10 photos - My cochin and frizzled cochin bantams
Belgium D'Uccles
18 photos - Mille fleur, porcelain, blue mille fleur and black
Standard Egg Layers
4 photos - RIR, SL wyandotte, barred + white rocks, Polish
Call Ducks
11 photos - Call ducks in white, gray, snowy, magpie, black, silver, blue fawn, and buff.
16 photos - My beautiful peafowl pictures
Other Waterfowl
5 photos - Embdon and sebastapol geese, swedish ducks, pekin ducks and muscovy ducks
Guinea Fowl
5 photos - Guineas in coral blue, gray, white, royal purple, lavender and pied.
Pheasants and Chukars
10 photos - Red + yellow golden, lady amherst, reeves, silver, black mutants, buff, and RN
Birds For Sale
3 photos - This album will be some of the birds that I have for sale.
My Album
10 photos - Some of our other pets