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pattidolls Online Photos

Mixed Media Art Journals
56 photos - This is where I share some of my art journal work
The Nest Weaver
4 photos - New Mixed Art Doll
Online classes
9 photos - These are classes I teach online
Tree Troll
5 photos - Some pics of the creative process
FISHWIFE - Dollirious Doll Club
25 photos - Fishwife class taught for Dollirous of Standwood, WA What an awesome group this is!!
Classes I Teach - NEW
56 photos - Workshops I teach
Classes I taught at AFIC 2011
17 photos - A few pics of the classes I taught
Classes at my studio in Rainier, OR
12 photos - These are classes I have taught in my stufio in Oregon
Best Friends Class at Spokane
14 photos - workshop for DOLLS cub in Spokane
Molded Felt Face Doll class
26 photos - These are some pictures of the hands on classes I teach
Class in Eugene
6 photos - Best Friends class in Eugene, OR
Kitchen Remodel
37 photos - Before, in progress and after pics
Black Folk Art Doll
23 photos - These are some black folk dolls I have made
Exhibition and Challenge Dolls
39 photos - These are dolls that I have entered into exhibitions or challenges
My New Studio!
25 photos - Here is the work in progress of my new studio
Felt dolls
16 photos - Here are some molded felt dolls I have made