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Frequently Asked Questions   Upgrade Page

Dear Member,

When you first register for a PictureTrail account it is set to the Intro account level.

The Intro account enables you to enjoy most of the Premium account benefits free of charge for one month***.

You can upgrade to the Premium Account for a low annual fee at any time (during or after the one month trial period). Just click on Upgrade Acct. in the top tabs bar at anytime to upgrade to the Premium Account.

After a month if you elect not to sign up for the Premium Account, your Intro account status will be switched to the Free Basic account level. Free Basic accounts will eventually be phased out if not upgraded to the Premium account level, but we will send you several reminder email notices before that.

After the Intro account is switched to the Free Basic account level, you can still continue to share your photos online but you won't be able to upload more photos to your account if it already has 36 or more pics.

Below is the summary of account types.


Premium Intro*** Free Basic**
Annual Cost 19.95/year Free Free
Upload Limit 500 Pics* 500 Pics* 36 Pics
Banner ads in photo area No No Yes
Picture View Stats Yes Yes Yes
Auctions URL Support Full Full Limited
Desktop Pic Uploader Full Limited Limited
Slideshow All Pics 1st 50 Pics 1st 50 Pics
* 500 pics or 50MB, whichever is used up first.
** Free Basic accounts will eventually be deleted (with advance email notice).
*** Intro accounts (normally 30 day period) used for image posting to other websites have a shorter intro period of 9 to 11 days.