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Our NEGLECT of the 1936 Texas Centennial Celebration

Markers and sites photographed and located for the Texas Historical Commission by a dedicated group of volunteers stretching from Louisiana to New Mexico. If you have any questions about a specific marker, please email me at sarah.reveley@mygrande.net . 

Our volunteers
without these folks this project wouldn't exist

25 Photos

Taken for Granite
Presentation to THC January 27, 2011

18 Photos

1936 Centennial Marker Restoration Project
Friends of the THC adopt our project!!

3 Photos

Statues and Monuments

100 Photos

Community Buildings, Restorations, Expositions

96 Photos

Centennial Museums
7 of 9 museums are still museums

83 Photos

Photos by County Anderson thru Bosque

87 Photos

Photos by County Bowie thru Coke

99 Photos

Photos by County Coleman thru Erath

96 Photos

Photos by County Falls thru Gray

91 Photos

Photos by County Grayson thru Hood

100 Photos

Photos by County Hopkins thru Lamar

90 Photos

Photos by County Lamb thru Midland

97 Photos

Photos by County Milam thru Parker

96 Photos

Photos by County Parmer thru Sherman

93 Photos

Photos by County Smith thru Tyler

100 Photos

Photos by County Upshur thru Willacy

88 Photos

Photos by County Williamson thru Zavala

27 Photos

Restored markers
Thanks to all of you!

14 Photos

Restoration of the 1936 Centennial
the talents of Robert Alden Marshall

26 Photos

Centennial Roadside Parks

87 Photos

State Line Welcome markers
50 Texas-size stone maps at our borders

52 Photos

Rodriguez Brothers Memorials
Monument makers of the Centennial

18 Photos

Celebrating in 1936
photographs of the original dedications

20 Photos

Battles of The Revolution
1813 - 1836

63 Photos

Battles of the Revolution
San Jacinto

23 Photos

Red dots mean markers

22 Photos

Stories and items from the Centennial

76 Photos

1936 Papers
Magazines, Ads, Stamps, etc

56 Photos

1936 Photos of actual sites and condition today
Several are neglected or destroyed

97 Photos

Other State markers pre-THC

57 Photos

Adina's markers - where are they now?
Texas Historical and Landmarks Association

50 Photos