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Nature's Edge Daylilies Introductions and select seedlings

Nature's Edge Daylilies is a hobby garden run by myself, Gayle (Menges) Story,and my husband Rick,located in Danville, Illinois. I have been breeding daylilies for almost 30 years. The hybridizing focus here is on clear 'blue' lavenders, true reds, patterned eyes, deep true purples,and just good "doers" for the entire country. My daylilies are not pampered, but grown with enough water and fertilizer to keep them growing well. The open prairie climate of Illinois presents some challenges for hybridizing daylilies; droughty summer weather coupled with cold, windy winters, often with little snow cover. Since several of my early hybridizing 'buddies' passed away due to cancer contracted from handling pesticides and conversion chemicals, I do not use any pesticides and very few herbicides (Preen and Roundup)here. The result has been that the beneficial insects now control the pests; birds,toads and earthworms abound to do their jobs. Yes I do have a few weeds, and a few bug bites on the plants. But there are also wonderful surprises that the birds bring in the form of wildflowers, and I do enjoy the wildlife more than I did a pristine garden. NATURE'S EDGE DAYLILIES is located 30 miles east of Champaign IL (GO ILLINI!), just 5 miles north of I74. We love visitors, and are open to tours and garden clubs. The coffee is always on and the punch is cold, so come by and say hello!Our contact info is : Rick and Gayle Story 14041 E 2200 N Road Danville, IL 61834 e-mail: storygayle@gmail.com Phone : 217-443-3760 

2016 introductions from Nature's Edge Daylilies
Many new and different dayliles to entice your addiction!

17 Photos

Cream of the crop from a very difficult year, both agriculturally and personally

18 Photos

some first year blooming seedlings now under evaluation prior to introduction.

30 Photos

Nature's Edge Introductions
Past and present introductions from Gayle Menges Story

90 Photos

Garden Tour and Open Garden Information
Pictures are of 2014 seedlings

3 Photos

2 year old daylily seedlings blooming for the first time.

14 Photos

2012 Seedlings

7 Photos

2011 seedlings
The 2011 seedling crop, some of the best to ever bloom here. Some surprises from very interesting and difficult crosses.

7 Photos

2010 seedling crop
Selected seedlings from this year, two year old plants.

3 Photos

Archive of Nature's Edge sold out introductions
Provided as history for cultivars no longer available at Nature's Edge Daylilies

28 Photos