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MS Society of Canada (Windsor-Essex Chapter)

The Windsor-Essex County Chapter of the MS Society of Canada is quite active in the community! Not only do we have fundraising events and fundraising events sponsored by outside parties, our in-house programs are quite comprehensive as you can see here.

We do have a great time and welcome you to sit back and browse to get a picture of what we do. If you see your picture here and would prefer it wasn't, please email me and let me know and it will be removed as quickly as possible. Email me at shar54@mnsi.net

If YOU would like to get involved as a volunteer for any of our events, please feel free to contact us at (519) 977-0401. 

21 photos - Annual General Meeting
Social & People Pics
57 photos - MS Society (Windsor)
Day Away Program
31 photos - MS Society (Windsor)
Community Education
33 photos - MS Society (Windsor)
Fundraising - Inhouse
43 photos - MS Society (Windsor)
Geo. Bergeron Healing Garden
26 photos - MS Society (Windsor-Essex County Chapter)
MS WALK (Team)
22 photos - Team Pictures
MS WALK (Event)
69 photos - People, Sponsors & Entertainment Photos
2013 Ride for MS (On-Site)
136 photos - Photos taken bu Deb Dechaine for the "Ride for MS" annual motorcycle fundraiser. These are onsite photos.
2013 Ride for MS (On the Road)
86 photos - These are photos taken by Shar Good & Jessica Dubois for the "Ride for MS" annual fundraiser.
Geo. Bergeron Christmas Luncheon
41 photos - MS Society (Windsor)
Annual Pat Thrasher Memorial Golf Tournie
119 photos - Tournament Photos