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Welcome to my online catalogue.

My name is Michelle Robison and I've been doing some sort of art or craft since 1985,first cake decorating, calligraphy for wedding invitations,glass etching for water beds and even reupholstering and refinishing furniture. I started making dolls in 1989,after a near fatal car accident in 1988. I create one of a kind pieces of artwork out of my studio in my husband's workshop. I do art tiles which I sell on Ebay. My main focus now is making jewellery with the stones I've collected over the years.I list my jewellery on Ebay and Etsy. Jewellery is sculpture for the body. You take it with you to enjoy,any time,any place. My work is nature and fantasy and I hope it takes you to a fantastical place where your imagination runs wild and you can be like a child again. That's the magic of whimsy. There are pieces in all sizes and all price ranges so don't be afraid to dream. For fun,I do larger architectural work in plaster ,like my fireplace installation and the concrete pieces for my landscaping or trim over doors. I'd love to buy an old house and redo it someday.I don't do these for business , just for a creative outlet,I do it for fun to decorate my house.. My other fun thing is flying,my flying pictures are of my fantasy come true...to fly. I'm a licensed pilot,so come "fly" with me.  
paper sculpts
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New Jewelry Goodies
76 photos - Pieces created in our studio
New Jewelry Goodies 2
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New Jewelry Goodies 3
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New jewelry goodies 6
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New jewelry goodies 7
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Doggie jewels
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Men's Jewelry
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Antique Jewellery
7 photos - album for antique jewels
my gun mod
28 photos - working on ideas for decorataing and blinging up guns
New Specs
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Spectacles and jewelry
62 photos - specs and jewels
Robison sculpture studio
35 photos - My tiles
Robison sculpture studio 2
48 photos - tiles too
23 photos - sculptures
Studio and stuff
48 photos - studio pix and other boring stuff
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104 photos - dolls
wax catalogue
60 photos - waxes available for casting
kids holidays 3
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House for sale pictures
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Our Store
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128 photos - Our Furry Kids
Kids holidays2
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Kids holidays!
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Laurel's visit
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Flying pictures
43 photos - Pictures of my adventures in flight
show album
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Special cards
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Fun people, fun stuff
11 photos - All the good things in life
Fun stuff 2
24 photos - piccies of whatever tickles my fancy
86 photos - auctions
kids holidays 2014
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