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I'm alive!!!!!
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June 9, 2997
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June 8, 2007
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July 11, 2007 No. 2

I retreived it. Don't know how.

O K I know I am behind, but things have been happening so fast around here.
 Last Saturday night, Rhonda let the dog out at about 11:30 or 12:00. They live on a hill out in the country. She heard a terrible sound. She knew immediately it was an accident. She heard the crash and the horn kept going. She was convinced the driver was killed and laying on the horn. She quickly called 911. She explained where she was and where she thought the accident was. She told 911, she was going down to the accident. They asked her to call them when the police arrived. She arrived about the same time as the police, (I need to tell you everything turned out o k ). They all walked up to the car and Rhonda starting screaming, "Its my son". The 911 operator tried to settler her down. It was indeed, Christopher, but her was not hurt. I think the horn must have been stuck. He was bruised  and had some stiffness. They took him to the hospital, but he was fine. A deer had jumped in front of him and he swerved. It all turned out o k, but was a scary time for us all. They all came here on Sunday for lunch and to take Justin to a United Kingdom Elite soccer camp here in Hagerstown. We have been going over every day to watch them scrimmage in the evenings.
Yesterday our neighbor told us of an interesting story in the neighborhood. He had called a TV repairman. He told our neighbor about a call he had a few days earlier in the neighborhood. I seems he was called to a house in Black Rock. (Very up scale neighborhood).
As he was led to the basement to the TV line, he saw a table with gun powder and other explosives out in the open. The home owner is a middle eastern physician. He realized the repair man was uneasy and said several times, "don't worry, nothing to worry about", but the repair man was uneasy. The wife came back later and told the repairman that the doctor would not be back, we was upstairs playing , because there was a n infidel in the house. He hated the infidel, but wanted him to work for him.
 The repair man called the police and reported the incident. Hooray for him!!!!!. He said he was later contacted my Homeland Security.  Never heard any more, but it is scary. I hope people get smart and not go to middle east doctors. Sad some good ones will be hurt, but we have to look at the bigger picture.
Also, I think I wrote last week about reading the book, "The Secret", well last week I had a chance to put my actions in to effect. John and I had driven "Princesses" to The Meadows, a fifties ice cream shopp. When we left, we drove about 15 minutes and I realized, I had left my pocketbook at the ice cream shopp. I have just been to the ATM and had $300.00 in it. As we drove back I decided to see if I really believed what I had read  in the book. I said to my self all the way back, "my pocketbook is till in the booth", over and over, well, it was not in the booth, but it was safe. Two young girls had turned it in. It warms my heart to know there are still some honest people in the world.
I hope this makes up for not writing. I know several people read this often. If I don't write, it is because I am very busy or very lazy. It could be either.

  Posted on 07/11/2007 03:09 PM