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Bad bad day
  Posted on 06/29/2009 07:14 PM
Catch up, Catch up
  Posted on 06/23/2009 04:01 PM
Catch up time
  Posted on 05/24/2009 09:41 AM
Thumbs up day
  Posted on 03/18/2009 02:30 PM
Lunch out with the girls
  Posted on 02/19/2009 01:45 PM
Up date
  Posted on 02/17/2009 10:27 AM
  Posted on 02/05/2009 04:21 PM
Going Home
  Posted on 01/31/2009 05:00 PM
Great day
  Posted on 01/30/2009 03:17 PM
I'm alive!!!!!
  Posted on 01/28/2009 03:32 PM
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I have returned, January 16, 2008
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June 9, 2997
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June 8, 2007
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Latest Blog Entries  
Bad bad day

Forgive me, if I use you to blow off steam. This has been one of the most hectic days I can remember. First. I went to the gym 20 minutes into my walk on the tread mill, I had an asthma attack. I ran to the car to get my inhaler, but no inhaler. I am 10 minutes from home. I made it home got settled down and went back to the gym.

 I had the day to my self so I decided to go to my favorite place for lunch, Yes, you know Ci Ci's. Well.... I did not make it there. I had decided to take "Princess", big mistake. The weather was beautiful, but the sun was hot ,if you had to set in it, and I did. I reached an intersection and was stopped. They were paving the road and it was one way traffic. I turned the motor off and set  in the sun, so motor would not over heat. After a while I  started the motor again, but it was a false alarm, motor off again. I was worried about over heating, so I got out of the car, went up to the traffic director and asked if he could help get this lane moving before my car got over heated., he honestly could not, so I sat there about 30 minutes  before he got my lane moving. Yes, you guessed it, it was dead as a door nail. As I sat there looking at every one look at me. It was strange because no one was honking. I think they all felt sorry for me, I did too, ha. Two of the county workers came over an pushed me to a service station . I called AAA, but it took a while. I guess I was there for about 3 hours. When the roll back truck driver checked the car, it started up like a dream, so I could drive it home. The workers on the road felt sorry for me and stopped the traffic so I could get moving. My biggest dread was telling John. I don't like those  "I told you so's" ha. but he saw how distraught  I was and was very sweet.

 The worst is yet to come. Then we get the call. Our grandson will deploy to Afghanistan July 29. Sure not much notice. They had told him , it would be later in Aug.

 Well.... Alls well that ends well. John had gone out to cut grass so he would not think about Chris leaving and I came up here to type and then we had a visitor. It was very nice. It was a man we had met and his son is a friend of our grandson. He knew about the diner and we had told him to stop by and visit. He choose the perfect time. It got our minds off the bad stuff and we had a very nice visit, As you all know I love talking about the diner. The only thing better is showing it off. So I am feeling better and this is much cheaper that a psychiatrist, ha. Love to all and if anyone reads this thank you. Barbara


Enter new blog post here.
  Posted on 06/29/2009 07:14 PM

Catch up, Catch up

I am so far behind on this blog. I write often, in my head and then come to type it all out and i don't want to go through it all again, but a couple of people tell me that they do check it.

 It has been a busy spring. Our grandson was married in May. He married a lovely girl and she planned a beautiful out door wedding.

I have taking "Princess" out quiet a bit. I really enjoy it by myself. I like the music and swinging pink dice on the rear view mirror. John does not lit that, so that is why I leave him at home, ha. I now have the top off, so I done my white scarf and wrap it around my neck and swing the two ends over my shoulder. I also put on the red cat eye sun glasses. I'm a true fifties girl.

The Hagerstown Magazine did a feature story on me for the March April issue. It was fun. The only problem with all the attention is....when I go out everyone knows me.

In April we planned a 70th birthday party.There are 5 of us that have a birthday in April. We planned to meet at Pipestem State Park for a few days. Pat and the Twins did not get to so, but Nilda and I went on and Wanda Goad joined us. WE had a really good time, but missed the others. We are going to plan another trip this fall, when Geraldine will be better.

 Well, I hope I don't wait so long next time to post.

  Posted on 06/23/2009 04:01 PM

Catch up time

I don't seem to keep this blog up. This has been  a busy spring. Last night our grandson was married. It was a beautiful out door wedding. Our 15 year old grandson asked me to dance when they played the twist. It had been a long time,   but I got out there. John and I danced a couple times. He is a good dancer, but getting him out on the floor can be a chore.

We just got back home from a ride in "Priness". It is beautiful here, but had to come in early because of the heat.

Last month i went to Pipestem State Park in WV for a few days. The first was to celebrate my big70) with classmates and then Nancy called and said , can you meet me at Pipestem? Of course I would not pass up a chance to go back to Wild Wonderful WV. We have all our reunions there. It is beautiful and so many things to do..

 Hope every one is well. I am fine. The gym is doing wonders for me. I feel better than I did a 30. That was just a few days ago. ha.

  Posted on 05/24/2009 09:41 AM

Thumbs up day

t is a beautiful day in Hagerstown today and perfect day to take "Princess" for a drive. Beautiful weather brings out classic cars. Every where I drove I got  a thumbs up. People love to look at the car and it always makes them smile.

 I don't think I have written since the Hagerstown Magazine came out. This issue had a feature story about me and my fifties collections. It was a nice story, but two large pictures of me and John and no picture of the diner. I wish it had a little less me and more diner. I am glad my collection has brought some warm and happy feelings to people. Growing up, we did not have much, but I don't think I missed out on any thing. So, now I am just reliving the good parts,ha.I

  Posted on 03/18/2009 02:30 PM

Lunch out with the girls

Had a great lunch today. We have a group that gets together most every month. It started out as a Red Hat group. We called our selves "The Red Hot Flashes". We don't do the red hat thing any more, bust enjoy spending time together

We went down town Hagerstown and had lunch at "Bulls and Bears". It was very nice, Here we were a group of senior citizens with all these yuppies. The builing had been a down town business, but now was gutted and changed inside. When we walked in, we saw an old Coke machine and a 1930 something truck and 2 old gas pumps. I felt at home right away. The ladies room had granite counter tops and a flat screen TV. I guess it does not take much to impress me.

 It was cold. I am really ready for spring.

  Posted on 02/19/2009 01:45 PM

Up date

I know, I said, I would keep this blog up, but.... I do write a post most every day, in my head, when I am on the treadmill. Then when I get off, I have to type it all over again and I don't want to go through it again. I need to find away to just day dream my post and let it appear, ha. I don't think it works that way.

 I'll start with Sunday the 8th. It was a beautiful so we took "Princess" out for a drive. We drove into PA and had lunch. We live very close to the state line. When we got home, John decided to wash the car. When he finished, it looked so good I had to take her out again. This car has a high gloss paint job. We were told if we wanted to have it painted the same way, it would cost $15,000. So needless to say, we won't be painting it soon. Heads really did turn. The car demands attention and I enjoy it, ha.

Valentines Day. It was nice and Yes, I received card, candy and flowers. Hey, I'm worth it.  (I think , anyway). We took the car out and went to lunch. We have to go some where we can park it and still keep our eye on the car . It is just too crowded in the evening and we eat our big meal at lunch time.

 It is cold here in Hagerstown today, but looking forward to Spring.

  Posted on 02/17/2009 10:27 AM


Another year cancer free. Now I don't have to go back to that doctor for 2 years. I felt it would be a good report, but it sure is nice to have the test confirmed. The doctor told me the cancer can return, but it most likely will be in the lungs, but if they find a spot, it will quickly be removed. I am better off than most people because my doctors are on the look out..

I have spent the whole afternoon, working on my router. I installed it last week and everything was fine until today. I'm a litle frustrated right now, but I will get it, ha.Just trying to keep in touch.

  Posted on 02/05/2009 04:21 PM

Going Home
As most of you know, I enjoy movies on TV. Today I watched a good one on The Hallmark channel. It was about a young woman going back to her home town and taking her young son. She was going home to die. She knew it was a good place for a child to grow up and thought the town would take care of her young son.

I thought, that could be Welch. If Welch could have kept its industry and we all could have stayed home, it would be a special place. I know we would still have the Grace  and Stephens Clinic Hospitals, because there would be so many of us. There would also be car dealerships, only the children of the past would now be the owners of dealerships, stores, and restaurants and other businesses. I am sure Richard would be the owner of Don Clark Ford Sales. Jean, Nilda, and Anne would all be teachers on the hill. Pat would be Gym/dance instructor. Joe Edd the coach.

The low life that set fire to the Pocahontas Theater and the World War Memorial building, (the first in the nation) still may have set fire to them, but knowing our gang, we would have convicted him. The town knows who it was, just not enough evidence to convict. Our gang would keep after the subject until he would surrender.
My classmates, would have been the fireman and lawyers that did the investigating. We would have all the old restaurants up and running. I probably would be running the TIC TOC.
 Dino Ramella would be the editor of the Welch Daily News and I would be writing a column.A column about life in Welch. I think too that we would have worked very hard to save Welch High School. We would have made plans to rebuild the Kimball Skating Rink.

We would go back to Christmas like we  had back then. Remember walking on the sidewalk in front of Murphy's as the Christmas carols blaring out over the sound system. The snow falling down and saying hi to everyone on the street. We would know everyone. Remember the bells at the 3 entrances of town? There three bells that flash off and on one at a time to simulating the bells ringing. We would bring back the great Halloween party on the top of the Parking building. (the first in the nation). We would have all the parades. All the bands in the count would be grand as they used to be. I think the Mt View band now has about 16 or 17 members. I think we had more that 100.
I could go on and I may do it again,ha.
"Memories are made of this".Enter new blog post here.
  Posted on 01/31/2009 05:00 PM

Great day
Today started out so well. I spent 2 hours at the gym and I think it opened my brain. John had asked me to stop by the auto dealer on my way home  and get the touch up paint he had ordered. Some low life scraped my Forrester and left. I told him, if I remember?. Thinking I would not remember, but I did.
 I have been alert all day,ha. That is unusual. We went to Ci Ci's for lunch, my favorite place to eat and then went shopping for a new TV. Got it and I set up with out a problem. Some people had told us the cable company had to do it. Not so....
I do enjoy tinkering with electronics. Thursday, we bought a new router. Mine had stopped working when we added the phone to our cable company. When our friend set it all up for me, it took hours and a lot of tech support calls. I dreaded attacking the project, but I did and now I can use my lap top too. Some times I am at the desk top and swirl around and work on the lap top. fun!!
What would we do with out computers?? Life wuld be pretty dull.

  Posted on 01/30/2009 03:17 PM

I'm alive!!!!!

Well..... I said I would try to keep this up. We are snowed in today, so I have spent more time at the computer than usual. I added some music and will add more later. I also changed the photo. I think the other one was 5 or 6 years old, and I am ageing, ugh!.

As some of you know,the Hagerstown Magazine is doing a feature story about me in the March issue. The magazine is on line so I will put the site on here for any one that wants to read it, It was fun. I recenty added phone to the computer line. When the man was here hooking it all up, he said, aren't you the 50's lady? Yep, I am asked that a lot. The whole hobby is good or me. I get bored fast and do not have friends in the area that like to do the things I do. I am lucky John is patient with me and lets me have my way a lot. It helps keep us both happy, ha.


  Posted on 01/28/2009 03:32 PM